Nick Clair September 20, 2018

The electric scooter in India died a few years ago. There was never a big demand for electric scooters previously and there surely isn’t one now. The reason bring that conventional scooters such as the Honda Activa have come a long way in improving daily drivability and fuel efficiency. So much so that it was perhaps cheaper for some to commute via a scooter than public transport. But with crude oil prices hitting a record high, it might not remain the case anymore.

The main issue with electric scooters in india was that they had such a small range that it was hopelessly impractical to buy one for daily commutes, even on shorter distances. That added with the fact that much like petrol engines, the range figures also fluctuate vastly depending on driving type, temperature, etc. Plus older electric scooters took forever to properly charge up. This gave even the best electric scooter in india a rather sketchy look, thereby hampering their popularity.

So why might the electric scooter be what India needs in a few years?

There are a lot of reasons to consider electric power over fossil fuel and in many European countries; the electric movement has already begun. So let’s see what impacts the electric scooter might have in India:

  1. Reduced Pollution: Many cities in India have a rather alarming population commuting on two wheelers. As a result, the mass of them constitute to a large chunk of the pollution that is generated by burning fuels. Statistically however people commuting with bikes and two wheelers don’t generally have to travel too far. So an electric bike/scooter with a sufficient range could be a viable replacement for most mundane travels. It’ll not only minimise pollution but will also be cheaper to maintain as electric scooters don’t have too many moving parts that will be prone to wear and tear.
  2. Government Aid: The current BJP government is taking big strides in promoting electric vehicles in India. There have been talks with big giants like Tesla and Mercedes to introduce electric vehicles in India. And it is estimated that by the year 2020, India will see its first baby steps in regard to hybrid engines and electric vehicles. Also current gen electric vehicles get a good discount as govt. subsidy, so that the vehicles could be made cheaper to own.
  3. Decreasing the rate of influx with fuel Prices: Mass adoption of electric vehicles might just be able to stop fossil fuel prices from rising. This sounds like a paradox but since there would be fewer vehicles burning fossil fuels, a lower amount of fuel will need to be imported to sustain mobility, hence the rate of influx in fuel prices will be lower. Currently India imports about 90% of its fuel from abroad.

There are lots of other reasons to go with electric power too. But chief among them is the fact that a future without fossil fuels is inevitable but can be postponed. So consider electric power as a necessary evil to preserve the limited fuel reserves.


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