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Italian cuisines like spaghetti and pizza are culture-oriented foods with their roots dating back to the Romanian era. But the modern pizza is more than just a culture-based food. It’s a common eatery loved by people all over the world.  Quality pizza combined with several bottles of beer can give your Friday evening or weekend a buzz. There is no shortage of pizza in Victoria but there is a real scarcity of quality pizza. The tons of offline and online dietary hubs where pizza is sold in Victoria don’t add the seasonal and healthy ingredients that give pizza its original flavor, aroma, and health benefits. If you’re wondering where to get quality Italian foods in Victoria, Santoni Pizza Restaurant has the answer.

What isSantoni Pizza Restaurant

Santoni Pizza Restaurant was born out of a great idea that originated before its time. The idea implementation and initial startup took placein 2007 but was fully implemented in 2014. In other words, Santoni Pizza restaurant started in 2007 but it grew into a restaurant in 2014. That is after the initiators were visited by Sant’Antonio Abate, the Pizza Patron Saint in their dreams and inspired them to start a pizza-centered restaurant.

Our encounter with Sant’Antonio Abate gave us the courage to start a great eatery hub. Located strategically on a rooftop, our eatery hub overlooks the Glenferrie Road and has in offer a large menu of Italian-centered and well-prepared diets with amazing flavors and tastes.

When Are We in Operation

Santoni Pizza restaurant is the destination for quality breakfasts, lunch meals, dinner, midnight drinks,and foods. We are a 24-hour, 7-days a week restaurant. Our passion to provide a one-of-its-own eatery hub for all Victoria residents has enabled us to come up with innovative and customer-targeted diets and menus. You can always visit us and have a feast of your favorite pizza and beer.

Santoni doesn’t only cater for individuals and family eat-outs. We are also open to party eat outs. As a matter of fact, our restaurant is customized to suit people with different lifestyles, preferences, and likings. If you plan on throwing a bash, birthday party, bachelor or bachelorette party or any other sort of an event, we have got you covered. We have enough function spacing for you to select from including but not limited to our outstanding rooftop. You will be surprised to discover that we even offer dinner and lunch menus. However, our menus are specially made for groups that are more than 10 people in number.


Pizza shouldn’t be a lavish and costly food. And who said we should only eat pizza when going on outings? Pizza can be eaten any time as long as it’s cooked healthily and deliciously. But then, preparing pizza isn’t an easy task considering the amount of work and time involved. Buying a quality pizza and eating it at home is the best way out. If your past experience with the restaurant has made you hate pizzas, a visit to our restaurant will make you change your perception about pizza for better. Consider talking with our online team here to make inquiries and get to know more about our services.


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