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Often there are queries which rise when you think about the size of the storage unit which you need. Make sure that you have all the answers to the question before you head to a local storage facility. There are quite a few different factors which need to be considered before you choose a storage units Boston.

The size, the availability, intended use and how much stuff do you need to store are all of the factors which needs to be included.

To help you narrow down your selection before you rent, we created this in-depth guide.

Knowing the size of the storage which you need

Main function

You will have to assess the primary function of the unit to help you figure out what size of storage unit you need. The following are some of the common questions which you need to ask yourself before going ahead with any:

  • Is it required to store a car?
  • Is it required to expand business inventory?
  • Is it required temporarily to move?
  • Is it required to store some items indefinitely?
  • Is it required to rotate the items in and out the unit?

It is very important to know how often the items in your unit will be changing or not and what you want to store in it. On the size of storage unit that makes the most sense, the versatility you require will have the most impact on. You need to avoid a storage unit when you have the requirement to move in and out the storage items.


If you plan to store business inventories, rent a larger unit than what you will initially need to give you room to grow for instance. To declutter your home a little at a time, the same goes for wanting a storing unit. Pick an unit which is appropriate for just yourinitial belongings if you will only be storing the items from a house or apartment temporarily during a move.

Making a list is very helpful as you walk around your house as you might have a general idea of what you want to store in the storing unit. For instance, you are unable to realize how much stuff you need to store for a kid going off to college. They might have even more furniture than what they have even thought of.

Note the following while making an inventory:

  • Make a note of how many boxes you will be moving.
  • Determine how many pieces of furniture are there to be stored.
  • If possible get the rough measurements of larger pieces.

Measure the size

Use some painters tape or masking tape to mark off the space if you face a hard time in conceptualizing space. Measure out the sizes we discussed below for your driveway or another open area. To see how quickly it gets filled start placing some empty moving boxed inside it. For the smaller sized storage units this will work better.


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