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Wood heaters are also known as wood-fuelled stoves that need chimney system for ventilation. A wood heater is usually installed in the living room.  There are various other means of heating, but still the wood heating continues to be the choice of many people because it actually keeps us in touch with the nature.


You can install the appliance within a room in accordance with the instructions that you get in the manual. Several models are designed in a way that they can be installed from about 5 inches away from the combustibles. There are also the eco-friendly stoves available in the market, which reduce between 60 to 80 per cent of the pollution.

In order to install wood stove, there is a requirement of metal chimney or a masonry chimney. There are chances that the masonry chimney can be cracked. So it is better to install a liner so as to prevent the cracking. Stainless steel chimney is another option where there is no possibility of being cracked and the installation process is also quite easy. There should be a distance of 2 inches if you are installing the steel chimney.

Designs and styles available

Wood stoves come in great designs that suit your living room and add to their beauty. In the past, the cast iron was essentially used in them, but now it is not essential.  In the current scenario there are three kinds of materials that are used for making wood heaters, for instance, soapstone, cast iron and steel. These heaters come in different attractive colors and designs that are traditional, modern, rustic, and contemporary. The look of your living room is the deciding factor on what you want to be installed.

If you want to judge whether your wood stove is quality-based, you need to see that it contains clean castings, smooth welds, has snug doors and check the thickness of the steel that is used. Firebricks are essential to retain the heat for a longer period of time, and therefore you need to check if they are present. Firebricks and their quality also decide the lifespan of wood heaters.

Maintenance, Care and Safety

The life of wood heaters depends on the maintenance that is given to them. The most common maintenance is handling and removing the collected ash. One must be very careful while handling the ashes because there could be incidents of burns if they are not handled properly. Once the ash is removed, it should be kept in a tight container and that should be away from the combustibles. There are chances of re-ignition after it is left as dormant. Hence, a distance should be maintained.

The most dangerous thing to be wary of in wood heaters is the formation of creosote. This is the reason why it is recommended to inspect the chimney once in a year and yearly proper cleaning schedule should take place. You are recommended not to burn the preserved or seasoned wood as it contains creosol, which is oil to the preserved wood.  It is better to use unseasoned wood most of the time.


Wood heaters are fantastic option to ensure the maintenance of the beauty of your living room. They are custom made and they come with ready to deliver options. You can go through various designs and styles that are available online. Many vendors give good discounts to the customers in order to attract the sales. The prices may vary according to quality and design. You are recommended not to compromise on the quality of the wood heater because it will also ensure better safety and durability at the same time.

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