Jake Barrett January 12, 2018
What are the Signs of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is comprehended by certain signs or changes starting to take in your body. The very early sign and the first sign of pregnancy is when you skip your period after you have done unprotected sex or if the contraception has somehow failed. The second and most common sign of pregnancy is the morning sickness which can start as early as three weeks of conception. Morning sickness is often accompanied by vomit, and this is because the hormones in your body start to change. 

The third sign is tender breasts which are also swollen. This is also because the imbalances of hormones which can make your breasts feel full. The fourth sign is nausea and fatigue which can make you feel sleepy and tired all the time. The last and the good signs of pregnancy is food cravings. This is when you get an urge of any particular food mostly to bring a change in your taste buds. However, there are also some other signs such as swollen feet and backache but they all vary from female to female, and hence one must not rely on them as sure symptoms.

The most common homemade pregnancy tests

Bleach test: To do the bleach pregnancy test you have to pour half a cup of your morning urine sample into half a cup of bleach. Always use gloves and cover your nose to make sure that you do not inhale any fumes. The positive pregnancy sign will show a fizzing or foaming in the solution. A negative sign will be seen with no change in this solution. It is considered as an important tool in the hands of those females who cannot go for the modern pregnancy test kit.

Sugar Test: For this test, you have to take granulated sugar and make sure it is not powdered sugar. Put three tablespoons of granulated sugar in a cup and then pour a sample of your morning urine into a cup. Then let it stay for five to ten minutes. If the granules form clumped sugar, then it means that you are pregnant and if the granules dissolve then it means that the test is negative. Hence you are not pregnant.

Toothpaste Test: This test is not always successful, but you can try nonetheless. Take a spoonful of white toothpaste and place it in a cup. Then pour ahalf cup of morning urine and wait for a few minutes. If the color changes into light blue or if there is foaming then the test is positive. IF there is no reaction, then the test is negative. Though many experts consider it as a less reliable test due to thechemicalformation and hence one must not prefer to go for this option much unless there is no other option one can go for it.

Vinegar Test:This is a rather simple test. Pour half a cup of morning urine into half a cup of distilled vinegar. If there is achange in the color, then the test is not, and if there is no change, then the test is negative. For more diy pregnancy test methods visit fogut.com.

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