sam bawa August 25, 2017
Mesa Island Indonesia

Mesa Island Indonesia is an island in the eastern area of Indonesia. Specifically, this is in the area of Flores. Related to tourism, this island can be alternative destination for holiday. Of course, this will be great to make Mesa Island as one of the holiday package. The island can be part of package since this island can be accessed at the same time while people are exploring the Komodo National Park. The national park has a large area and there are many islands. The Mesa Island is one of them. Sailing and visiting this island can provide different experiences and this can be great option to spend holiday. Of course, it will be great to spend a whole week for exploring Mesa Island and the other great views offered by Komodo National Park.

Related to the Mesa Island Indonesia, the location of this island is not difficult to access. When people are going to visit the Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo, Flores, they will find this island. This island is located around 15 kilometers from Labuan Bajo, which becomes the gate to enter the exoticism of Komodo National Park. Commonly, the islands around the National Park provide great view of nature with its beaches or the marine life. In this case, there is something different offered by Mesa Island. Great thing offered by Mesa Island Indonesia is about the culture owned by the local people of this island. Local people of this island are called Baju. The great thing about them is about their hospitality and their culture. They will give warm welcome for every tourist visiting their lands. The island itself is full of houses and the houses are unique. They are built several feet above the surface of water. Even, the houses located in the midst of this island have the same construction. This has become part of their culture. Tourists can explore the whole islands and the knowing the life of the local people will provide the tourists with different kinds of experience.

In this case, the people living in Mesa Island Indonesia are mostly fishermen. Even, they are called as the sea gypsies because of their lives and their native culture. For them, sea has become the second home and they live from it. In this case, sailing and visiting this island can provide good experience and knowledge about their life and it is good to know. Then, when tourists have been satisfied visiting the island, they can continue by exploring the other islands in the Komodo National Park. Of course, seeing the komodo dragons directly can be other special things to in the area of national park since this is the home of this ancient lizard. The lizard may be dangerous since they are wild, yet there are guides who can accompany tourists and they can show the best spot to see the komodo dragons and their colony. Even, when they are lucky, they can find great experience of seeing the dragons hunting. This can be great experience since seeing komodo dragons in the wild life can only be found in this national park.

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