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Visiting Ahmedabad

Famous as the “Manchester of the East”, Ahmedabad is the modern city of Gujarat blending traditional culture with it. The city is known as world heritage and holds a unique cultural richness. The love of the locals becomes exceptionally visible during the festivities. The city attains new colours during the various festivals.

With the availability of luxurious hotels in Gujaratpeople regularly visit the city during the festivities in order to enhance their experience furthermore.

When you want to visit the festivities, indulge in following activities in specific times of the year.

  1. Music and dance during the Navratri

Navaratri is a 9 day festival celebrated almost everywhere in India. However, the ecstasy of Gujarati Navratri brings people to Ahmedabad. Here, millions of devotees indulge in the 9 day celebration with costumes, music, and dance. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Amba, who is the symbol of power. The festival is a great time to explore the cultural richness of Ahmedabad and blend into the crowd with colour dresses and Gujarati dance moves.

  1. Enjoy kite flying during the Kite Festival

The Kite festival is another important festival that Gujaratis enjoy a lot. The celebration is all about colours and showing the cultural strength of the community. The festival is celebrated in the month of January when people fly kites. The colourful kites fill the sky with vivid colours and moving shapes.

  1. Experience the lighting during Diwali

Diwali is the world famous festival celebrated everywhere in India. This festival of light gets a unique meaning in Ahmedabad. The festival is divided into five major days, including Dhanteras, Kali Choudas, ChopdaPujan, GudiPadava and then the Diwali. People celebrate the festival lights, firecrackers. The markets look incredibly beautiful with the people shopping and decorated shops.

  1. Understand the love and generosity during Ramzan

The socio-cultural richness in Ahmedabad becomes visible during the Mohorram Ramzan. The whole community seems to enjoy the festival. Not only the Muslims but also the Hindus love the decorated streets, delicious food and the enjoyment of the festival. The festival represents the love, generosity and the unity of everyone.

  1. Celebrate the colours in Ahmedabad

The colourful city of Ahmedabad becomes more vivid during the Holi festival. In the month of March, holi is celebrated by everyone with colours. All communities come together to play with colours, enjoy delicious sweets and drinks and dance. The festival is a symbol of the strength of the good over evil. And people in Ahmedabad know how to celebrate it.

  1. Pay your devotion during Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10 day festival dedicated to the Lord Ganesha. The ceremony allows the devotees to pay their love and affection to the Lord and celebrate together. The city attracts the tourists during this time due to the fair and the vividness.

No matter when you visit the city, the accommodation never becomes an issue. The best resort in Ahmedabad can become your staying choice whenever you come here.

So, plan to enjoy your festivals in Ahmedabad this time.

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