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While it is not alarming sometimes to experience lower back pain, it is such a discomfort to anyone who experiences it. Back pain can cause hard times to sleep, unable to move properly, or pick things up. People from ages 20 and above can experience back pain and the causes differ. It can be mild to severe. Depending on your health condition. There are many remedies for lower back pain conditions. Dr. Ho’s 2 in 1 Back Decompression Belt is one of those. View link to know more about the product.

What is Chronic Lower Back Pain?

The difference between chronic lower back pain and just the usual common back pain is that it is long-term. It is associated either with a disease or past surgeries. There are different reasons why chronic lower back pain is developed. But there are factors and conditions that are very prone to lower back pain. In terms of age bracket, you can already experience chronic lower back pain as early as 20. This is developed from improper posture and prolonged improper sitting. Thus, lower back pain is one of the most common job-related conditions. If you are experiencing it, there is no need to panic yet it should also not be taken lightly if it has other symptoms.

There are different risk factors or causes of developing chronic lower back pain. The most common is age. Between ages 30 to 60, lower back pain is commonly experienced. At the age of 30, lower back pain is developed because of job-related issues. If your job requires you to sit for more than 8 hours and you are stuck with your tasks you sometimes forget to stretch a little, that is when you start to develop back pains. The more you age, the higher the possibility to develop Osteoporosis because the bones start to weaken. The muscles also start to stiffen. As you grow older, your responsibilities get more and more, sometimes you find no more time to exercise or at least stretch.

Another risk factor of chronic lower back pain development is that you are not physically fit. This is pertinent to your age also because if you started to exercise at an earlier age, you will most likely not develop chronic lower back pains. If you exercise a lot, your bones develop strength and your muscles become flexible. If you have an inactive lifestyle, you tend to just sit and lie on the bed all day and that causes your muscles to be rigid. That is when you start to develop chronic lower back pain.

Which is More Effective for Chronic Lower Back Pain: Cold or Heat?

Ice for Lower Back Pain

While some really use a cold compress or ice for their lower back pain, and many claims that it relieves pain, it is not the more effective for chronic lower back pain. Though one of the causes of lower back pain is an injury, and cold compress is commonly applied for injuries, it is not yet provenly effective for lower back pain conditions. There are some studies that shown cold compress worsen an inflammation. Does that mean you should never use ice for lower back pain? The answer is not always. This is a case to case basis. If you feel relieved after applying a cold compress on your lower back pain, then that means it is good for you. But if there is no difference, then, of course, it is not effective. There is no actual harm in applying a cold compress for your chronic lower back pain but just make sure that if it did not work the first time, then do not do it again because it just means it will not help ease your lower back pain.

Heat/Hot Compress for Lower Back Pain

To answer the question which is more effective for lower back pain between cold or heat, hot compress is the one. This does not necessarily mean that cold compress is not effective or should not be applied for lower back pain condition at all. This just means to say that if you want a faster and more relieved feeling, hot compress is the one you should apply, then. There are also many ways to apply heat on your lower back pain. You can take warm baths or you can lie on a hot tub. You can also put hot water on a bottle just make sure to cover it with a towel so you will not get burned then apply it to your lower back pain. Heat therapy is the best in stretching hot tissues which includes muscles. This means that it reduces the rigidness of the muscles plus it gives comfort on the part where it hurts.

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