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The couch grass is one of the oldest grasses and has been used for a long time in homes. This grass has undergone changes after different breeding and development phases. This grass today has better appearance and texture. It is also drought resistant which makes it an ideal choice for many home owners. If you are not certain about the use of this grass for your lawn, turn to wheatgrassprofessional for more information.

Properties of the couch grass

  • Fine leaf type
  • Does perfectly in warm season
  • It has high tolerance to high foot traffic
  • It grows aggressively
  • It does not do well under shade
  • It requires direct sunlight for it to flourish

This grass requires little maintenance especially since it is highly adaptive to any changes. However, before you make a choice on the grass for your lawn, you need to know more about the carpet grass.

Challenges of using couch grass for your lawn

  • This grass tends to develop bare patches after sometime. This is attributed to poor use of fertilizer, heavy shade and poor watering. This can be quite unsightly.
  • It is highly invasive. If you are not careful, it can easily take over your pathways and gardens.
  • Excess growth if there are delays in mowing and maintenance of the lawn
  • The root network is quite dense. It is very difficult to remove it. If you would like to change the lawn grass from couch grass, it will take some time and energy to get this done.

Ways to remove couch grass when you need a change

  • Removing it manually
  • Use of systematic weed killer that contains glyphosate may help eradicate this grass. It is important to apply this treatment at the beginning of spring. If used correctly, you may only need to do this treatment once.

After removing the couch grass, it is important to immediately reseed the grass you wish for your lawn. This will prevent the regrowth of couch grass.

Although this grass is tough and has a couple of disadvantages, this grass is increasingly popular as a lawn grass. With the right maintenance, this grass can be manageable. If you want this grass for your lawn, do not give up on it. Follow the right care and you will enjoy a beautiful lawn that will be worth the challenges you shall have overcome when dealing with this grass.

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