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For any building interior, be it commercial or residential, the flooring plays an important part in building the aesthetic appeal of the place. So, when you plan to cover a part or the whole of it with carpet mats, it becomes extremely necessary that the carpet mats have an appealing look and should have a colour and pattern that matches with the theme of the room.

There are several types of carpet mats, each designed for a particular type of application. Carpet mats not only protect the flooring, but also have a way of offering comfort to the feet. So, before you start choosing carpet mats based just on their looks, let me brief you about the characteristics and uses of each type.

  • Anti-fatigue carpet mats: This type of mats is generally used in commercial buildings at places where the employees or the customers are required to stand for long periods of time. These mats are designed to ensure the comfort of employees who stand behind the counter in a shop or at host and hostess stations in restaurants and airplanes, in the janitor room, and all such places. One can also use it at places where customers have to wait in a queue. It is designed to offer feet a little ease from the fatigue. You can also use this type of mat near your kitchen cabinet.

  • Wet area carpet mats: Places around shower and pools and other such places where there is water spilling in the proximity, there is a high probability of those places having wet floors all the time. As these floors are wet, there is a constant risk of someone slipping due to the slippery wet floor. That is why you need to get wet floor carpet mats that offer optimal traction. These mats also make cleaning of these spaces easy. These mats have an anti-slip technology that keep all the customers as well as the employees safe in case of slippery conditions. These carpet mats can be of great use near kitchen wash stations of large restaurants or in dish rooms and prep areas.

  • Entrance carpet mats: For any commercial business, the entrance carpet mat is what offers the first impression of the place. These entrance mats have several duties like keeping the dust from the shoes outside the building, in case of a stormy or a snowy weather, the boots collect a lot of snow or wet sticky mud while walking. The carpet mat placed at the entrance of the building is supposed to absorb all this waste and prevent the interior flooring from getting dirty. Also, you can get these mats customised with the company logo for commercial purposes and with a preferred design or name for residential buildings.

  • Mat runners: For spaces with a large foot traffic, there are chances of tripping and falling. Also, some carpets tend to shift and that can lead to severe injuries due to tripping or slipping. Also, in case of floorboards, there are chances of uneven floorboards leading to a falling and bone breaking accident. To avoid this, there are paths of carpet mats made of PVC or rubber that stay in place and ensure durability. They not only protect the flooring beneath, but also make the place less prone to accidents caused due to lack of friction. These mat runners can be used to trace a path through the lobby of a restaurant to direct the guests and to also enhance the aesthetic appeal.

All these types of carpet mats have durability in common. You can get any size of carpet mat, no matter how large or how small, to cover your required flooring.

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