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Sorting your own Australian partner visa is not an easy job. This is a misleading and annoying process, so it is understandable to emphasize your partner visa.Partners can sponsor Australian citizens and permanent residents to their partners (including the same gender) to apply for a visa. Partner Visas are accessible for those who are engaged, married, or for minimal 12 months living in the De-facto relation.

 However, there are three major sub-categories for partner visa; this visa is widely categorized into two parts: Potential marriage visas and partner visas. The kind of visa for which you should apply depends on the type of relationship you are;

  • Future marriage (fiancé)
  • Married (De Jura) Relationships
  • De-facto Partner Relationship

Types of Partner Visa

Prospective marriage visas:

A prospective marriage visa permits a person who can marry from an Australian permanent resident or citizen in Australia and marry his Australian fiancé. This visa is legitimate for 9 months and reserves full employment rights. Once getting married, you can apply for a temporary and permanent partner visa when you decide to appeal for this visa; you should be out from Australia.

When appealing for a future marriage visa, with visitor visa you can visit Australia or any other type of visa for your partner’s while processing on future marriage visas.

Temporary partner visa and permanent partner visa

Temporary partner visa Australian permanent resident or citizen, who allows his partner (including the same sex partner) to get married in Australia, or to marry in a De-facto relationship with non-Australia, Visas hold full employment rights and permits free approach to the mutual healthcare system.

In most circumstances, the visa is earlieroffered for 2 years, and if a marriage or de-facto relationship is going on after two years, a permanent partner visa is given.

General Rules and Regulations:

  • You should be supported by an individual (your fiancé, partner, or in few cases, as the parent or guardian) who are Australian inhabitant, Australian enduring resident or qualified New Zealand citizens, to being a support who meets lawful needs.
  • You should also fulfill fitness and moral conditions
  • If you have a supporter child or other supporter relative, then they can apply with your application, given they fulfill some needs.

Partner visa also applies to those whose visas have been refused or canceled after the last visit to Australia. This negation or cancellation comes under section 48 of the Migration Act, 1958 (Act). And therefore, when you are in Australia, you cannot appeal for any visa other than a fixed visa category, such as a security visa or associating visa.

From 14 September 2009, however, if you meet certain criteria, you might be qualified to appeal for a partner visa in Australia.The Conditions are:

  • As long as you entered the last time in Australia, you should not have a partner visa
  • You will not have to refuse or cancel the visa on character basis under Section 501 of the Act.
  • You should give a Form 40SP sponsorship for the participant to move to Australia to an Australian citizen, Australian enduring resident or qualified New Zealand citizen signed and signed, declaring that they are your spouse or de-facto partner
  • You should give two legal announcements to Australian residents, Australian enduring inhabitant or qualified New Zealand citizens (other than your partner) who support your relationship with your partner. These announcements should not be more than six weeks from the date of the partner visa application.

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