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If you are a fitness freak, the addition of Swiss balls into the eclectic mix is like a catalyst to the reaction. They play an important role in controlling the body fat to a great extent. It tones muscles and also improve blood circulation.

There are many other advantages of the ball however, it is important to find out what exercise can be performed with the sphere?

Dumb bell triceps extension:

  • The ball is essential to extend the triceps. It also impacts the wrist flexors, extensions, shoulders and core. Therefore, it is a good option for body builders.
  • You should grab the dumb bells and sit on the sphere. It is important to take a supine position with upper back resting on the sphere.
  • While doing exercises make sure that the shins are at the right angles to the thigh. Flat feet and hips are to be in line with the upper back.
  • The individual needs to hold the right hand above the head and drop the forearms so that the dumb bells are in line with the ears.
  • Forearm is again moved up and your hand rises above the head.

Triceps Dip:

  • Use the ball to perform the dip exercises. Beginners should move the ball into a corner for stabilization.
  • Sit right on the top of the ball and place the hands beside the buttocks.
  • The feet are walked out while the users can walk by supporting the body on the heels.
  • Individuals may have to move the buttock gradually to maintain the alignment of the body during exercise.
  • The engaged core provides impeccable power to the muscles.

Chest Press:

  • Chest press is one of the most important exercises that help to tone up the abdominal and chest muscles. Individual should sit on the swiss balls with the dumb bell in both the hands.
  • It is important to walk forward and place the upper side of the back on the sphere.
  • While doing the exercise, feet should be flat on the ground.
  • Like the previous exercises, the glutes must be in line with the thighs and the upper body. It imparts a halo of bridging and goes a long way in improving the back muscles.
  • The hand holding the dumb bells is placed right above the chest.
  • You should exhale and lift the weight up while maintaining the same position.
  • After the process is completed, you can lower the dumbbells to the starting position.

Spinal stability:

  • Regular exercises with the ball are essential to get freedom from the spinal pain.
  • It effects the back muscles and they become less prone to wear and tear.
  • Sedentary individuals working on computer can improve their health with the help of the Swiss ball It will prevent problems like lower back pain and slip disc.
  • Instead of using pain killer sprays or drugs, you can achieve pain relief with the help of physical exercises.

Improve sports performance:

  • The other advantage of using the ball is that it makes you active and improves your sports performance.
  • Surface of the ball beneath the spine activates the inner core of the body structure.
  • It helps to improve the strength and awareness of the body while it moves into the space.
  • After regular sessions, you will find that the coordination, fitness and balance have improved a lot.
  • It is bound to deliver sterling results to the users both in terms of weight loss and attractive muscles.
  • If you are doing exercises on a stability ball, large amount of muscle fibers are involved in the eclectic mix. It will help you regain power within a very short amount of time.

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