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Safety Tips to Follow when Using Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are obviously incredibly useful for ensuring you have a large amount of storage space in your warehouse. They can help to increase both the accuracy and speed with which the products and items stored in your warehouse can be picked. This in turn increases the overall productivity of your business.

However, with any form of storage, there are precise safety guidelines and procedures you need to follow to avoid accidents occurring. If these safety guidelines and procedures are not taken into consideration, it could result in not just damage to your products and items, but injuries to your employees, which in turn could affect the productivity of your workforce and could even bring your business operations to a standstill. You can read more about that at

With this in mind therefore, in the following post we will highlight the most important pallet rack safety tips.

Ensure Racks Are Installed Properly

When you are having pallet racks installed in your warehouse, it is important to ensure that all safety rules and guidelines are followed and that they are installed properly. The uprights much be correctly mounted onto the floor and the area you intend to install the pallet racks must be completely flat and level.

Ensure Loads are Managed and Placed Properly

When loads are being placed on a pallet rack, you need to make sure that they are being managed properly for weight and size. You also need to make sure they are placed on the rack correctly and safely. Items and products placed on your pallets should be secured and tied properly to prevent movement, injury and damage.

Ensure Pallets have Safety Measures Installed on Them

There are various safety measures you can install on your pallet racks to help reduce and avoid the possibility of accidents occurring. Pallet safety clips and pins, along with pallet safety guard panels are just a few of the measures you can implement to ensure your pallets are safe and secure.

Ensure the Area is Properly Lit, Clean and Tidy

Ensuring that your warehouse and storage areas are lit properly, tidy and clean is one of the simplest ways to prevent accidents happening and injuries or damages to either your employees or goods. A warehouse that is illuminated properly, clean and tidy is a safe one. It is the responsibility of everyone who works in and uses the warehouse and storage facilities to ensure they are kept free of debris, rubbish and kept to a high standard of cleanliness.

Ensure Your Staff are Properly Trained

Following on from the above safety tip, it is important that you ensure your staff, particularly those who will be entering, exiting and using the warehouse are fully trained to use the pallet racking and know the correct procedure to follow when loading and unloading it.

It is completely fair to say that no two warehouses are every really the same. However, as a general guide to the use of pallet racking in a warehouse environment, we feel that the above safety tips are applicable to any business.

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