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Religion is one aspect that takes everything from culture to nation on its heels. People tend to take religion quite seriously. In fact, one of the most profound supporting pillars of humanity is religion itself.

The role religion played since the dawn of human civilization is just remarkable. From political decisions to the cultural establishment, to art world, everywhere religion has been vital.

Artists from thousands of years are obsessed with crafting astounding representations of Gods & Goddess using vivacious colours and splendid patterns. Religious art has been part of every nation’s culture since the time when we didn’t even know how to read & write.

Take the example of Indian religious art. Artists have been crafting amazing religious paintings for a long time now. Shiva, Rama, and Ganesha paintings are some of the favourite artworks of Indian artists.

When people used to live in caves, and used to hunt for the living, art still existed. Carvings on the wall caves show us the artistic flair that persisted for thousands of years before even the paint or brush was invented.

Most of these cave paintings represent the daily life of people in those times. But, there were some that exhibited the deities and religious tales.

It means religious art was prevalent even in the Stone Age.

Today, you can witness multiple art forms that exist. There is contemporary, abstract, modern, expressionist, representational art, landscape, and so on.

Somehow, all these art forms are the result of the emergence of religious art itself. Even though I am not talking about any direct connection but an indirect relation.

Throughout this blog, we are going to show you how religion has been vital in blooming and raising the other art forms.

Let’s start:

Religion and paintings

The finest examples of how art can tell the tale of civilizations perished thousands of years back can be seen in the artefacts, and cave murals found in India.

Religion has been a big deal in India. People are connected with their religion quite strongly here. This is why the trend of religious paintings have never left this nation.

Today, in the world of contemporary and abstract art, you still find lakhs of buyers looking for magnificent Ganesha paintings during a festival, or function. Religious paintings of deities are an excellent gift option here.

If it’s a marriage, Shiva Parvati paintings are a suitable alternative to gift. Or if it’s a birthday of a 4 years old, a cute & adorable Ganesha painting will be ideal to give.

For your living room, an abstract painting of Krishna is best to spruce up the aura of the entire area.

Not just the Hindu Gods, but other religions have also seen the same story. Mughal paintings representing the Islamic way of living becomes popular in India during the 15th century.

Kings like Akbar were responsible for a successful blend of Islamic and Hinduism art.

In the western world, Greece has a heritage of religious paintings. Zeus is represented by the artists a lot of times. In Rome, there are a plethora of religious paintings depicting the life of Jesus. Crucifixion becomes one of the most favourite subject matters of European and American Artists.

Then there is Judaism. Jerusalem has various artists that depict the struggle and triumph of Musa or Moses.

How different Gods represent different interpretation?

This topic best goes with the Indian art sector, so, for the rest of the part of this blog, I will be focusing on the same.

In India, every God’s painting represents something unique. Lord Shiva paintings are known to bring a serene and peaceful aura to the entire environment.

Lord Krishna paintings make the entire environment more graceful and energetic. On the other hand, Ganesha paintings are gifted as these are meant to be a good omen for starting something new.

Artists of the present time have defied the conventional standards and guidelines of religious paintings. These artists ensure to blend the magic of abstract and contemporary art into the paintings of deities.

Along with this, religious epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata have also attracted a lot of artists to craft some majestic and appealing paintings.

Out of every 10 homes, atleast 2 will have the painting of scenario where Krishna is giving away the lessons of Bhagwad Gita to Arjun.

Similarly, paintings of Krishna playing flute and surrounded by Gopis is another well-known painting that is in demand.

Final Takeaway

Contemporary and abstract art painters have somewhere in life somehow created something religious first. Religious paintings have paved a smooth way for other art genres.

Paintings based on the Gods and religious epics are considered traditional, still, the artists across the globe are still creating such masterpieces with latest techniques and styles.

You would easily find an Abstract art painting with Krishna being in the centre.

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