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Ranthambore Trip

The Ranthambore is known as a wildlife national park which draws in thousands every year. The maharaja of Jaipur made the city of Ranthambore as his hunting ground. At first, it was made as a game sanctuary in 1955 and later in 1980 it became a national park, although it was commissioned under the Project Tiger Act in 1972. The national park is not so large but with the addition of nearest areas it looks big. However the entire area of the park is not available for everyone to visit. The jungles in the Aravalli and Vindhya ranges forms the major constituent in providing aesthetic structure to Ranthambore. These were once considered to be the favourite touring spot by many people. The place is terrain and is surrounded by cliffs, hills, ponds and lakes. If you are looking for a calm and peace place then without any doubt you can book your tickets for Ranthambore tour packages. However, Ranthambore is visited by most people who come to visit the prestigious Taj Mahal. Even though these are at some distance from Agra, one who loves to explore the wildlife may take his chance and visit this magnificent place.

Because Ranthambore is a wildlife park, there are strict guidelines on moving through here, yet it is considered as a heritage site. The place is covered all around by historical monuments and sites that are thousands of years old built in the reign of the Sultan of Jaipur. A 1000 year old fort is one fascinating place to visit. On the footsteps of the fort lies the Jogi Mahal which gives a vibrant view of the Padam Talao, which is painted white with water lilies. The Ranthambore Park is meant for Tiger preservation, however the number has not increased here over the past decades. There are little chances of getting to see a tiger in their normal habitat here, most of the time they spend their time with their little ones.

Ranthambore National Park is one among the few parks in the world to have a vibrant collection. Ranthambore is considered as one of the few tiger reserves with friendly tigers. The place is also inhabited by excellent flora and fauna. Wildlife photographers who are in search of exciting stuff can visit this place to get as many clicks as they want and the place is well known for its sightseeing abilities. The special add on to the package is the Jungle Safari ride on jeeps. One who is fond of travelling or taking on adventurous tasks can very well get on this package?

The birdwatchers could not find a better place than this as this holds as the resting place of more than 300 species of birds. Apart from the wildlife and species, the flora and fauna along with the climatic conditions are the best for people who love to spend their time.

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