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Cbse boarding schools in India

India is a land which is characterised by diversity. Diversity is there in every aspect of India. There is diversity in the geography of the country. India has the snow-capped peaks of Himalayas, the Saharan desert, lush green forests, the huge wasteland of Rann of Kachch, the fertile alluvial soil of the Ganges delta, the plateau region, the eastern and western Ghats. India is riddled with diversity in terms of geography. India is also diverse in terms of its population. India is comprised of innumerable types of people all living in harmony together. India accepts any and all religions and beliefs. According to the constitution of India it is legal to practise any faith and religion in the land of India as long as it does not hamper the daily routine of others. This has caused there to be an innumerable number of religions thriving in different parts of India.

Due to such a variety in the type of people living in India a single unified system of education is not likely to be a good choice for everybody. But we still do have a board called the cbse board which stands for central board of secondary education. This board is something that unifies India throughout. Even though each state have their own board for education but still there are schools in each state which follow the curriculum laid down by cbse. Some of the best boarding schools in India follow cbse curriculum. Every state has lots of schools which are under cbse. Cbse offers quality education. They prepare a student very well for several types of competitive examinations. Cbse has a very comprehensive syllabus structure from the young to the senior most batches. Very few state boards can match the quality of education on offer from the schools under cbse. But the schools under cbse tend to be a bit pricy because of which not everyone is able to afford education from a school following cbse curriculum. This is where the state board comes in. The quality of the schools under state board varies from state to state. Some states have very good quality state board schools and educational institutions while some state boards are abysmal. But in general throughout every state in India the state board schools are much cheaper and thus everyone can avail education from these schools.

Cbse boarding schools in India are very good schools. These schools are extremely costly and most of the people would not be able to afford for their child to go to a school like this. These schools are very well maintained and regularly produce students who excel in their own fields. This is not to say that state board schools are bad in any sense. State board schools in India are also amazing and provide very high quality of education at a very low rate and this actually helps the society to grow and develop as a whole. But one problem with state board school is the quality varies a lot from state to state and there is no uniformity. Thus cbse is necessary for that unity.

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