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PulauMerah Beach

Banyuwangi, situated at the very eastern edge of Java could boast yet another top-notch surf spot next to the already well-known G land at Plengkung: this is PulauMerah Beach. PulauMerah Beach is so called because Just some 100 meters into the side of the beach is a picturesque small hilly island called PulauMerah, that’s accessible on foot. This is the situation is comparable To the location of the island of Tanah Lot on the main island of Bali. Unlike G land where are located bright coral stones on the beach, the beach in PulauMerah-or the Red Island Beach-is open sand, so it’s also safe for beginner surfers.

Compared to Bali’s Kuta Beach, surf here’s stronger, supplying large 4 meters high barrels with a span 400 meters, ideal for surfers up to test tubing methods. But because surf here comes in at an average of two meters height, beginners and amateurs alike may appreciate this beach. While the beaches at Plengkung and G land should be ventured by professionals only. PulauMerah beach was initially known as RinginPitu. There are two versions for its name change. One version has it since the color of the soil and sand are reddish, this is where it got its name from, while another story says that at one time several Bright red rays shone from the small hilly PulauMerah island on the beach, thus giving it the name PulauMerah beach.

Another feature of the beach is the nearby fishing village called Pancer, where you could stay at villagers homes. Their hospitality to visitors regardless of their simple life’s genuinely heartwarming. Get Around. Whenever you would like to research PulauMerah Beach, head to PuraTawangAlun temple. This Hindu temple was constructed in 1980 and is frequented by Hindus from the East Java’s Bromo mountain region as well as from Bali. Regrettably, the tsunami of 1994 destroyed the outer walls of the temple, but the private sanctuary has remained intact. Throughout the tsunami, a 13-meter wave swept around the village ruining all including portions of this temple. Throughout your explorations, you may see folks wearing bright green pajamas. These are gold miners, in a mine located near the shore. Local villagers, however, are opposed to its presence here because the mine pollutes the ocean.

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