Jake Barrett November 28, 2017
Michael Tree Service Goes The Extra Mile

The HOA and your yard

Many HOA’s have covenants that include the number, size, and type of trees that residents must have in their yard. Trees are planted when houses are built and either need to be replaced with a different HOA compliant tree or at least kept well-trimmed. This can be an especially big pain for those who did not want trees to begin with.

That isn’t all the HOA checks up on. Traditionally lawns must be kept tidy and green. Keeping your lawn tidy is just polite and safe in areas where snakes like to live, but sometimes the time does not present itself and not everyone has a green thumb.

How do you like your yard?

If you want to have the lush enviable lawn on the block there are a few things that could be standing in the way of that dream:

  • Bugs- grubs, Japanese Beetles, moles, mole crickets, etc.
  • Weeds
  • Crabgrass
  • Improper aeration

If these things are affecting your yard they will or already are affecting your trees and pest control can be tricky. A pest control company can treat your yard but Michael Tree Service makes sure it is being treated for what it needs.

The proper care and feeding of trees

If you are obligated to have a tree in your yard makes it count. Keeping your lawn free of pests and weeds are a big boost to the health of your tree but so is proper fertilization. This is just another way that Michael Tree Service goes above and beyond. Other services include:

  • Tree planting
  • Tree removal
  • Tree fertilization
  • Tree trimming
  • General landscaping

As tree experts, they can tell you if you are watering too much, too little, or simply need to add a little mulch around the base to lock some of the moisture in.

The benefits of a healthy tree

Trees start out like children. They are small and fragile. They need love and proper nutrition. You have to force them to hydrate and occasionally they need a trim. One day they are so big that they give back though. They give back by:

  • Lowering your power bill in the summer
  • Lowering your water bill by keeping the water you put on your lawn from evaporating
  • They decrease pollutants in the air
  • They give your kids something to read under and a place to build a tree house
  • During fall life lessons can be taught through the raking of leaves

Trees are good for the environment and improper maintenance can lead to costly yard renovations. While happy to remove an unwanted stump from your yard and make it like it was never there, Michael Tree Services can do wonders to prevent having to remove a diseased tree.

The extra mile

The damage from a storm can destroy a tree. There are things that can be done immediately to try to save it. Tree first aid is a real thing and with 24-hour on-call help, Michael Tree Service can treat a tree immediately. With affordable rates you can have the lawn the HOA has always dreamed of and the yard you have always wanted.

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