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Anything that is not neat and clean, can never glow and shine. Our skin is the largest organ we have and also certain parts of it stay exposed directly to pollution and sun rays most of the time. Our facial skin is one among them.

This results in affecting the quality of our skin and thus the very look on our face gets cursed. Cleansing it properly using a face wash for men will be helpful for them to protect and preserve their good skin.

Men have a tough time to maintain a grooming regime as they often tend to be careless when it comes to personal skin care. Hence, having a face wash that not just deeply cleanses the face but also helps to add natural goodness to it seems an attractive idea.

Let us find how and in what ways the face can be made to glow in its own natural beauty.

Dirty face invites beauty concerns

When dirt stays trapped at the opening of our fine skin pores, the skin cannot breathe properly. Due to insufficient intake of oxygen, the cells start dying faster, and no new cells can take their place that easily.

Dirt and dust get mixed with the oil and make the skin surface a breeding ground for germs to multiply. They cause infections on the skin, which gets prominent as skin rashes, boils, acne, etc.

This eventually diminishes the natural glow and influences the complexion. Men start looking dull. Moreover, no one can have peace of mind if he knows there are tons of germs, fine dust particles and harmful chemicals enveloping their very face.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal helps pull out dirt, dust, chemicals, germs and toxins out of the skin pores like a strong magnet. This is why using a face wash that has activated charcoal as one of its major ingredients can be a brilliant idea.

This, however, is also an expert in sucking out your natural oil from the face too, which is not very desirable. Face washes containing activated charcoal, formulated with essential oil, are therefore ideal for keeping the skin both clean and hydrated.

5 different options

These face wash options (including activated charcoal and essential oil containing ones as well) are worth giving a try:

Charcoal face wash with eucalyptus oil and lemongrass

This unique blend can give good protection to your skin, besides keeping it clean all day long. Eucalyptus oil is renowned for its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.

Lemongrass oil hydrates skin adequately without making its greasy, minimizes puffy skin (bloated), fights acne, etc.

Charcoal face wash with bergamot and black pepper

This formula is worth trying to give your skin a natural boost. Besides keeping the skin thoroughly clean, the black pepper infused face wash will help fight acne, wrinkles and fine lines, erase dark spots and pigmentation. Bergamot oil can unclog pores and fight acne too.

Coffee bean and patchouli face wash

Coffee Bean Oil is loaded with essential fatty acid and caffeine that help build natural elastin and collagen. This helps in preserving the youthfulness of the skin, fighting off wrinkles and fine lines. Patchouli is packed with germ-fighting and scar-reducing abilities.

Ginger and lime face wash

Ginger oil possesses anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antiseptic properties, boosts blood circulation, fades scar marks, etc. Lime oil is astringent, restorative and antiseptic.

Moroccan argan oil face wash

Better known as “liquid gold’, this face wash can give a soft, supple, glowing and radiant skin. It hydrates and softens the skin, fights wrinkles, fine lines, etc.

All these face washes can be used to kick-start the day and before going to bed. Using once twice daily is recommended. Face wash containing these can help in fighting several beauty concerns, without being harsh on the skin.

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