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The tissues in our body require adequate supply of oxygen to function. In hyperbaric oxygen treatment Mississauga, the patient is provided with pure oxygen in a pressurized tube or room. This is a well-established therapy which is used for decompression treatment which is a hazard of scuba diving. Other problems which are treated through this therapy are serious infections, bubbles of air in blood vessels and wounds which are not healing because of diabetes or radiation injury.

In the hyperbaric oxygen chamber Mississauga, the air pressure is increased three times than the normal air pressure. This helps the lungs of the patient to gather more oxygen than would be possible when breathing oxygen at normal air pressure. The blood of the patient carries this oxygen throughout his body which helps fight bacteria. It also stimulates release of growth factors and stem cells which further promotes healing. Find us on Google.

Why is hyperbaric oxygen treatment Mississauga given?

When there is any kind of injury, the tissues are injured and it needs more oxygen to survive. With the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the amount of oxygen given to the body is increased and the blood carries more amount of oxygen than it used to carry. As soon as the flow of oxygen is increased item helps restore normal levels of blood gases and function of the tissue which in turn helps in healing as well as in fighting the infection. Connect with us on Facebook and see how many people have been benefited with this therapy.

Several medical conditions are being treated by hyperbaric oxygen treatment Mississauga. However, the medical institutions use it in different ways. So, depending on your condition or diagnosis, your doctor may prescribe you different doses. Find us on medicard. Usually doctors prescribe this therapy in the following conditions.

Severe anemia

Bubbles of air in blood vessels
Decompression sickness
Sudden deafness
Brain abscess
Crushing injury
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Burn injury
Sudden and painless vision loss
Nonhealing wounds due to diabetes like diabetes foot ulcer
Radiation therapy
Skin graft or infection at risk of tissue death
Although much evidence is not available, but the doctors and clinics providing hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Mississauga claim that the therapy can effectively treat following conditions.
Alzheimer’s disease
Gastrointestinal ulcers
Heart disease
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease
Spinal cord injury

In the hyperbaric oxygen tank Mississauga, the pressure of oxygen is lowered slowly at the end of the session. For the patient suffering from claustrophobic feelings, the shape of the chamber is designed in a dome which eases the sense of closeness. The doctors who prescribe this treatment claim that the therapy is like a blessing for the people who have lost hopes of recovery. The hyperbaric oxygen treatment Mississauga is said to be a powerful neurotherapeutic treatment which helps repair brain helping patients suffering from epilepsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder and many more. Wounds need oxygen to recover and so, here oxygen is supplied to speed up the healing.

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