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career in Online Journalism

Receiving news at a click has become very common in the present technological era. Now there is no need to wait for the newspapers every morning. Just by clicking a button on the phones we can now access information anywhere, anytime.

Online journalism is growing in India, therefore, more and more people are moving to devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The scope of online journalism as a career is day by day increasing in India making it a profitable profession.

What is online journalism all about?

Online journalism (also recognized as digital/ web/ internet journalism) is about any editorial content posted on the internet. An online journalism job includes getting stuck into a lot of research, writing stories and interviewing the people. Main characteristics of online journalism consist of:

  • Publication of the content in actual-time.
  • Content consisting of multimedia elements like graphics, music, video, animation, etc.
  • It permits readers to access a news story 24/7 from the newspaper’s online records.
  • It permits readers to reply and interact rapidly by giving them a platform to post their comments, views, etc.
  • It lets readers become members as they click their system through a hyperlinked set of pages.

What does the job role of an online journalist include?

The job profile of a web journalist includes a lot of researching, writing stories, and interviewing people. It is essential for online reporters to attend events, press conferences, read press releases sent from PR (Public Relation) persons.

The different roles an online journalist can perform against different job profiles such as:

  • Sub-Editor
    • Assistant Editor
    • Web Editor
    • Deputy Editor
    • Reporter
    • Specialist Reporter

Get a journalism degree

All candidates aspiring to make a career in the field of digital journalism can start by getting a degree in traditional journalism followed by a specialized course in online / multimedia journalism. Moreover, a digital journalism course helps the candidates in learning various online technical aids required for giving news online.

These days, digital/ multimedia journalism courses for UG and PG levels are offered by many mass communication colleges in Delhi NCR.

Build an online portfolio

Having a portfolio in digital mode can help students highlight the best of their work in terms of writing and editing skills along with knowledge in online media.

Prepare for a job interview

Students must keep in mind that with every passing day the competition for online journalism jobs in India is increasing. So, it is very important to go well-prepared for an interview, and the candidates are recommended to research carefully about the company and its website.


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