sarora February 2, 2019

There were moments when I was sincerely unhappy about my hair, and I’m sure we’ve all been there – right? The big wig hunt began when I talked to some friends and coworkers who rave on about wigs. They claimed it is a simple way to change your hairstyle without really committing to the style. You can wear that style whenever you want, and then you go with another style on other days. Because it was something to think about, I decided to finally explore my fabulous wig options.

First thing first, I knew absolutely nothing before writing this post. I didn’t really know what a full lace wig was, didn’t have a clue what satin tops were all about, and if I wanted hard or soft wigs…I know I am not the only one who would have to admit this, so this blog was the perfect opportunity to share my experience with the Divatress readers.

When I did some research I found that a full lace wig, was just a wig that covers your entire head. I visited the Divatress website. I knew that there were loads of wigs available, and I went to a wig shop with my sister before she started her chemotherapy to pick out a wig – so I knew how overwhelming the decision could be. We didn’t really spend that much time at that shop, so shopping online seemed the way to go for me.

So when I looked around the Divatress website I wondered “what would I do with my hair?” Since I absolutely loved this picture.

Since my hair is impossible to curl. I think this would be an adorable wig. And of course I love the color of the this wig. This site is so easy to navigate, and like I mentioned there is a huge selection of wigs. The prices vary, but are less expensive than the wig my sister bought in store.

The friendly customer service at Divatress asked a series of questions to help her better understand my wants and needs in a wig. Eventually, she claimed, “I know what you need.” Low and behold that lady did know what I needed. She brought a wig style to me that was exactly like my sisters hair, and we didn’t even look at any other wigs – it was the perfect wig and the perfect online shopping experience.

Do you love being able to change your look? Check out Divatress when it comes to getting a new look, unique style, or just plain awesome shopping experience. They’ve got some super fabulous wig styles and wig accessories galore to choose from!

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