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Universities offering management or business related study courses prefer to know your GMAT scores. It serves as a benchmark for admission to their course. The test checks the student for preparedness to study management in that institution. The minimum age for taking GMAT is set at 18 years though many students aged 13 years and older are appearing for this test.

Parts of the GMAT test –

GMAT has four sections – first of these is analytical writing. This will check for your ability to understand and construct arguments on a particular issue. You can begin your preparations to study for GMAT by joining for GMAT online classes from a coaching institute in your locality. If there are none, you can opt for an online course. Integrated reasoning is the second part of the test. Here you will have to evaluate information and use it to answer questions.

The other two parts of the test cover Quantitative and Verbal Assessment. Quantitative as the name suggests will check how good your ability is to analyze data and derive conclusions. In the Verbal section, you have to read, understand, and use information given in passages. It is fairly straightforward for one that has a good command over the language.

Computer adaptive sections –

You have to note that two sections of the test are computer adaptive. So, if you answer a question wrongly, it will reflect in the next question that you answer. If you answer well, the quality of the question will improve. You recieve scores for each section and an overall score ranging from 200-800. Whatever score you get will remain valid for 5 years. The only other thing you need to pay attention to is that each school has its own deadline. So, you must take the exam such that you have enough time to join for that course. You can improve your scores by getting the best online GMAT coaching from an institute of your choosing.

Know the range of your university –

Here we do not have a pass or fail, we only have a range. The school where you intend to join will show a range of score which they need from their students. If you get a score within this range, you may apply for admission to the course. First, you must assess yourself and find out where you stand. The GMAT diagnostic test is a full-length realistic practice test that gives you your scores in the four sections. Once you get this score, you can formulate your study plan and retake a test.

It is a general test that is not specific to science, arts, or any subject. So, one will always have areas where one does not have enough knowledge to answer a question fully. You will have four timed sessions and two timed breaks. The first two sections, Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning are of 30 minutes each. The other two are of 75 minutes each section.

You have the option of taking a break after the second and third sections. Preparation is the key to success in GMAT. Join a good coaching center to get fully prepared.

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