Jake Barrett January 4, 2018
A Few Finger Licking Sabzis

If you are a true foodie, you are definitely going to explore the kitchens and parties for sure. You are not one of those who are contented with the one or two dishes; you love to explore new cuisines and eatables. You love it when you are offered something new and something extremely delicious.

Well, when you love to explore different dishes and sabzis then why not try out yourself? Of course, just go for the dishes and sabzis that you have never explored before. There are plenty of sabzis out there that are ever ready to fill you with utmost deliciousness and spice. Have a look at some really enchanting sabzis below:

Makhane ki Sabji

If you have never experienced this sabzi then you must try it out now. It is a healthy creamy curry dish that is prepared with Phool Makhana or Lotus Seeds. This is a rich and creamy dish and fills the tummy in no time. You can relish this dish with chapati, naan and even a roti. You will definitely find it appetizing.

Mooli ke Kofte

This dish is all about fried rounds prepared with grated radish and different spices. The stuff is carefully doused in spicy gravy. This is a rich dish with utmost satisfaction. You can relish this sabzi with hot rotis. It gives a fantastic taste!

Bharwan Gobhi

This dish might sound random to you but it is tasty and worth trying. In this dish, cauliflower florets are blanched and stuffed with a khoya filling and cheese.  The stuff is beautifully coated in a dense Besan batter and the entire mixture is deep fried till it gets golden. Indeed, this dish is really overwhelming.

Paalak Bhurji

This is a light and refreshing paalak sabzi with a soft seasoning and a few of crushed paneer pieces. It is indeed a perfect sabzi to be eaten with rotis. You are definitely going to find this dish creamy and rich. Different fellows add different spices in this dish. You are surely going to find it light and flavoursome.

Hyderabadi Brinjal

Right from the sophisticated kitchens of Hyderabad emerges an authentic brinjal curry.  It is a dish wherein small whole brinjals are quenched in creamy nutty gravy prepared with tamarind, peanuts and sesame seeds… the dish are really creamy and finger licking. Don’t go fooled by the name, brinjals in this dish are used in a distinct manner and give a royal taste.

Methi Aloo

Fenugreek leaves or methi prepared with potatoes and diverse spices ends up in a hearty dish. This dish is not just nourishing but really tasty too. Aloo and methi together provide for a delicious time. Some people even add cream and butter too. But you can keep it as simple as you want it to be. Usually, you are going to find this dish simple yet tasty. However, many cooks give it a creative touch by adding extended spices and ingredients.

So, come on you foodies; don’t keep yourself remote from the rich variety of sabzis. These curries and dishes are always welcoming!


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