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The Passport

The passport, along with the visa, is one of the essential documents to enter Australia, whether you are a student, tourist or worker. Without a passport, no border will let you pass. The current passport, that is, that is issued by the police in recent times, is the so-called electronic passport, accompanied by microchips with the digital signature of the owner.

The duration of the passport is indicated on the first page of the same, and up to the date shown you have the certainty of its validity, even if in some cases a passport is required that is valid for at least the next six months.

The passport costs 116 euros: 73.50 euros for the administrative fee for the issue and 42.50 euros for the cost of the booklet. For the issuing of the passport you need two passport photos, one of which is legalized, two photocopies front / back of the identity document and the appropriate application, downloadable from the internet.


Remembering that it is a prerequisite for being able to cross the Australian border. Nowadays the practices for your request are much slimmer than in previous years, because for most visas can be requested online, without much documentation to be presented. Obviously the speech is different for those visas a bit ‘more special, which allow you to reside in Australia, working, as in the case of skilled independent visa. In this case, in fact, special requirements are required and it will be necessary to take exams that certify also an adequate knowledge of the English language. I rewrite the list of the most popular visas below.

The so-called Working Holiday Visa is the most requested visa by young people all over the world, because it allows you to stay in Australia for a whole year, working and / or studying. This kind of visa is even renewable for a second year, working for 88 days in the regional areas, areas of the country indicated by the Government.

The Australian tourist visa category includes the E-Visitor, ETA, and the Visitor Visa. The latter has a cost of 115 Australian dollars and lasts three months. The renewal of this visa is possible upon payment of 260 AUD and it must be requested at least 2 or 3 weeks before the expiry of the visa in possession. In the event that the request is rejected, no reimbursement is foreseen.

The Student Visa is, however, designed for all those who intend to travel to Australia for study purposesVery often this visa is also used by all those who have crossed the threshold of thirty-one and can’t, therefore, apply for the Working Holiday Visa. This type of visa, although it allows only 20 hours a week to work and has several restrictions, is chosen because it is at the same time the cheapest and easiest solution to obtain, after the Working Holiday Visa. In this case the cost is around 535 Australian dollars and its validity varies from a minimum of 12 weeks to a maximum proportional to the duration of the required degree course.

Finally, for those wishing to invest in Australia, starting a business, there is the entrepreneur visa and the Business Visa, which are divided into Business Visits and Business Innovation and Investment. The first, Business Visits, are divided in E-visitor, Visitor Visa and Temporary Work Visa – the latter has a cost of about 145 Australian dollars and allows you to stay in Australia for more than three months, unlike the first two. Business Innovation and Investment, on the other hand, can be temporary or permanent, but for both it is necessary to pass a skill Test; the temporary visa can be requested by those who are less than 55 years old and has a duration of 4 years.

These are the first generic information regarding visas that allow you to stay in Australia but, for more detailed and secure news, my advice is to always visit the official website of the Australian Government, because costs and regulations may undergo cyclical variations, properly updated on the government website.

International License

With the hand on the heart: trust Antonio Loggia and go to make this cabbage of international driving license is not included in the category of documents necessary to be able to set foot in the Land below, but it is important to possess it, to be able to move freely between the vastness of the territories of the country. One of the main characteristics of Australia is its considerable territorial extension, which obliges to travel many kilometers even in desolate areas, and very often public transport, such as train or bus, are very expensive and above all, provide for endless journeys.

Owning an international driving license could therefore prove to be a considerable advantage, because the convenience of being able to move with your own car, rented or owned, is incomparable. To request it, just go to the Civil Motorization nearest you, after making two payments of 9 and 16 euros payable both to the Department of Transportation Land and presenting a stamp from 16 euros, two photographs, one of which authenticated, with a white background and your boss, and a double-sided copy of your Italian driving license, you can get your international driving license.

Other Documents

Other documents useful for your stay in Australia, if you intend to stay a long time, even for a year with the Working Holiday Visa, could be the Medicare, a card that guarantees a free health care service, or almost, provided by agreements intergovernmental agreements between Italy and Australia.

Finally another thing not to forget is the subscription to Centre link. By registering with this government agency, you will be able to take advantage of many useful services to the community, made available by the Australian government.

The RSA and the White Card are other useful but not essential documents. You will need them if you are willing to work in certain sectors regulated by specific Australian government rules. But we will talk about these later.

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