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buy bunk beds with desk

For homes having space problems, the bunk beds are the best known solutions for them. It is not only meant for the young children, college goers but also some extra guests at home that need some extra sleep as they meet the best usage in their own style. For two children that need sharing, the bunk beds are the incredible space savers and they are much more fun for the kids as well.

Whenever choosing a bunk, there are certain points of great consideration that comes to the minds keeping in mind the small tiny aspect before making the final selection. The basic rules of buying furniture cannot be overlooked while buying the bunk beds like-

  • Determine the overall room space.
  • Determine the overall needs keeping in mind the views of the children as well.
  • Last but not the least the budget should also not be overlooked.

Once all the needs are answered, the next step is to decide upon the type of bunk beds.

Types of bunk beds:-

There are a variety of bunks that are available these days in the market where the furniture designers have worked a lot on small tiny aspects on making it more fruitful and appreciable by all its users. One such bed which one can purchase is the beds with desks. These types of beds one can buy bunk beds with desk as they are comfortable for the child to utilize the space of the room and can make the best use of desk for the studying purpose. Other types of beds available are as follows-

  • Basic bunk beds-  The two beds that are aligned one over the other are known as the basic bunk beds. These beds are useful for the long run as well as they can be detached in the future to make two separate beds for meeting such purpose. These basic bunk beds also come in either metal or wooden finish which has their own advantages.
  • L-shaped bunk beds- Another variation of the basic bunk beds are the l-shaped bunk beds. This also has the same sleeping space to that of the bunk beds but here the lofted bed is placed at a certain right angle to the bottom bunk bed. Such beds require a bit more space than compared to the basic bunk beds.


  • Study loft beds- Another option for the bunk beds are the study lofts which are a good option for older children. With this kind of bed, it becomes easy to fit in easily into a small area, leaving the rest of the room freed up for other activities. One can also buy bunk beds with desk online as these are quite elaborated and are outfitted for a complete study area.


  • Novelty beds- Such beds are those that are designed keeping in mind certain theme. They have bright colors matching easily with the interiors of the room. They also have slides or tents for the kids to play along while staying in their own room.

Before purchasing the bunk beds it is very important to check the height of the ceiling as there should be a minimum of two feet space between the top bunk and ceiling. Go with the bunks generating more space in the kids room.

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