Jitender Sharma December 18, 2017
Daily Health Tips

If you have made a commitment in helping a missionary group whether it is your first time or you have experienced participating in this similar activity in the past it is important to make proper preparation in order to ensure that the mission trip will become successful. One of the most effective preparations that you need to do is setting up a fund raising event for the mission. This will help support the expenses that you need for your project. Daily Health Tips who has been into various medical missions believes that the key point to a successful mission is enough financial support and cooperation of the team members.

Here are ways on how to share your mission to help others to your family, friends and community and raise funds by obtaining donations.

  1. Approach to your nearest relatives and ask for financial support. You can suggest to them that instead of buying you those expensive gifts for a particular occasion, they can support you on your vision by giving donations. You can also encourage them to become a part of your project.
  2. Visit a church administrator or pastor and describe to him your plans about the mission trip. Ask if they could encourage church members to donate anything for the mission. You can create a poster stating your objective for the project and post it in the church newsletter and bulletin board. There are instances that you will be allowed to speak to the congregation during a Sunday service. You can also host a meeting where you can explain what your mission is all about.
  3. Make a list of all your friends, co- workers and neighbors. You may also include your doctor, dentist, insurance agent, hair dresser and other professionals that you know. Send a formal letter of request for financial support and prayer to the persons you have on the list.
  4. Wait for at least 10 days before you contact each recipient. Send a thank you letter for those who have responded and donated for your mission. Ask the other recipients of they have received the letter you sent to them and find out if there are things that they don’t understand.
  5. Organize a fundraising activity such as a car wash, dinner meeting, auction, bake sale or a garage sale. To reduce the cost of the activity hold this in the church if the pastor allows it. Share your personal skills like yoga, crocheting, creative writing, computer literacy and public speaking and charge minimal fee for each services.

The success of mission as like desi health tips produced lies in creativity and diligence along with the other members of your team. Before heading to the field make sure you are physically healthy.

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