Jake Barrett July 26, 2018
On Board the Most Luxurious Trains In the World

If we have to imagine the luxury travel par excellence, we immediately think of a wonderful and comfortable train. With the interiors of polished wood, silk and velvet coverings. We imagine that we travel in our hushed suite, with a very thick mattress bed and an armchair to sit down and admire the landscape that runs slowly out of the large window. You no?

Yet once the luxury journey was just that and, in our opinion, on certain trains, it is still like that. Among the most famous luxury trains in the world, for example, there is the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. It is a true travel experience that starts from Italy: it combines the atmosphere of the ’20s and’ 30s of carriages with original period furnishings to the itinerary that goes from Venice to London. Along the way it crosses Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France. The trip lasts two days and one night, but the ticket is not really cheap.

The most luxurious train in the world is the Pride of Africa of Rovos Rail, which crosses South Africa from Pretoria to Cape Town and travels between Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania. It’s a kind of rail safari.

Even the Belmond Royal Scottsman is considered one of the most beautiful trains on which to travel. It crosses the Scottish Highlands and is home to only 36 passengers.

Among the most spectacular train journeys that can be done there is the one on board the Ghan – Great Southern Rail the railway that runs along the coast to coast from Darwin North to Adelaide to South or vice versa. In two nights and three days of travel it covers almost 3,000 km.

A train of wonders is the ” Palace on Wheels “, a real palace of the Maharaja on rails, a very luxurious train composed of 23 marvelous carriages on which 104 passengers travel. The route that can be done is circular and lasts seven nights and eight days. It starts and arrives in New Delhi through eight Indian cities.

In South Africa there is another luxury train, ” The Blue Train “, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. It covers a route within the country, which runs from Cape Town to Pretoria. You travel aboard suites covered with woodwork and precious tapestries, as did the first settlers arrived in Africa.

Among the most famous railway lines is the mythical Trans-Siberian. There is also the luxury version: ” Trans Siberian Express ” by Golden Eagle Luxury Trains. It crosses all of Russia and is the longest railway route in the world, with six time zones and a multitude of landscapes, from the mountains to the steppe to the desert.

The ” Belmond British Pullman ” is another legendary train, starting from Victoria Station in London , with destinations all over the United Kingdom. Like the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, you are immersed in the golden age of great train journeys. By honoring George Mortimer Pullman, the father of luxury train travel, coaches offer the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience. Each has a different name and a unique story to tell. Some have even been chosen by the British royal family. Most are one-day trips to historic cities like Bath, Canterbury and Cambridge.

The “Belmond Hiram Bingham” is perhaps the most exciting train because it climbs up to Machu Picchu in Peru and is a unique experience. The train, which takes its name from the explorer who discovered the citadel of Machu Picchu, travels through the Sacred Valley of the Incas . Going up through the majestic Andean countryside, it leads to the ancient city. Each carriage, decorated in the style of the 1920s, has been furnished in polished wood and brass.

Last, but not less interesting, is the Canadian “Rocky Mountaineer” train which follows, in part, the route of the legendary Canadian Pacific Line. Over two days you will cross lakes, forests, waterfalls, glaciers, pastures and the famous canyons of the Rocky Mountains.

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