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It is on the expected lines that a pregnancy belly button pop out will be witnessed. Now the question is has it gone out to pop out under the clothes. Popped out belly button is a change that is witnessed by most pregnant women and it works out to be a short term change that fades away with time.

When does the belly button change during the course of pregnancy?

It has to be stated that most pregnant women do find that their navels change during the second trimester of pregnancy.

What are the main reasons for the belly button changing during pregnancy?

The uterus is at an expanding stage and is known to push the abdomen forward. An inverted belly button does go on to become outie within a short span of time.

Is there any link between the gender and a popped out belly button?

There is no link between a popped out belly button andwith the gender of the baby

What can be done if the belly button goes on to change during pregnancy?

It has to be said that you could virtually do nothing if the navel changes during the course of pregnancy. It has to be stated that just about each and every belly button pop out during pregnancy. There are many forms of pregnancy symptoms and a popped out belly button is rated to be harmless. But if you feel that your navel is getting irritated by the frequent rubbing of the clothes there is a specially designed belly cover button which you can do to protect the belly. Varied products like tummy shaper can also protect your navel during the course of pregnancy.

The next question that is going to strike you is whether my belly button goes back to normal once pregnancy is over. Yes after months it is going to return back to this normal position once delivery is over. Though it could be little bit stretched in but trust me it is a significant milestone and you can flaunt it in an easy manner.

More information about umbilical hernia

In some of the rarest of cases a popped up belly button could lead to the formation of an umbilical hernia. This tends to arise when there is a small hole in the abdominal tissue and waves of the small intestine that makes their way through the protruding navel.

It has been observed that the umbilical hernia is present at the time of birth. They tend to be all the more common in new born and that means it would close on its own once the baby is born. If it is a small hole then also it is going to be a major cause of worry since the growing uterus begins to put pressure and a bulge is being put in the umbilical region. When you are expecting multiples this situation worsens. Most often than not the only remedial measure available at this point of time is surgery.

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