Jake Barrett November 28, 2017
Airbrush Tanning

Bridal airbrush tanning is one way a bride to be can make her day special and memorable.  Having a glowing complexion and looking radiant will make these memories special and perfect, especially with the unbelievable number of photos taken at weddings these days.  If you want to have the perfect airbrushed tan for your wedding, you should take a few things into consideration, as a poorly done spray tan can put a damper on the day. 

Bridal airbrush tans are unfortunately sometimes put off until the last minute, with many women neglecting a few important details and wanting to have it done the day of the wedding.  The best route to take with bridal airbrush tanning is to go to a professional at a reputable and well-regarded salon.  When you walk down the aisle, you want that classic bridal look, nothing overpowering your natural beauty.  This will be hard to achieve with automatic spray tan machines that can cause streaks and uneven results and usually a very one dimensional application.

To get that sought after classic bridal look, the best way is to book a trial tan at a reputable salon. This will help you achieve your desired tone for the big day, not to mention take the stress out of worrying. When looking for the right salon or professional, it is best to seek a spray tan artist who has a specialty in bridal spray tans.  These trained professionals can offer you guidance on what tone and depth of tan you would look best in and offer you insights that you just won’t get at a run of the mill tanning salon.  Their consultation and expertise will be invaluable when it comes to having the perfect airbrushed tan.

Bridal airbrush tanning is also different for every woman.  Some women have never gotten a spray tan and some have gotten many, but it is very important to remember that you can’t undo a spray tan – well for five to seven days!  No matter what your experience is with airbrush tanning you should still go through the steps above of having a consultation and receive a few trial spray tans.  Many salons use different solutions and not all are created equally.  Make sure to communicate your concerns and what you are looking for with whomever you are working with so that they can make your special day even more special.  When you look back over your wedding day photos in the years to come, you’ll be glad you did your research.

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