kelly July 19, 2018

Veterans play a significant role in the society and the organization. They are considered as the jack of all trades. They are an asset to the nation. In this post, we will discuss some part-time jobs for veterans and also regular jobs that companies always posts for all the year round.

  1. Relief Security Officer – He/she needs to conduct the patrols inside and outside the premises, submit the reports to the higher authorities and complete the necessary paperwork. Besides these, the person also needs to interact with the clients in a hospitable manner and follow the site-specific rules and regulations. This job has a rotational shift, and also one has to work on weekends.  With a competitive salary, there are various perks one will receive like pension, entitlement to holiday passes, discounts for shopping in retail outlets, theme parks, cinemas, etc. There is high career growth, and one gets training on various subjects at regular intervals.
  2. Part Time School Driver – The driver can work from home from Monday till Friday with an average of twenty hours per week on a particular route. He needs to pick the vulnerable adults or children from college, school or day care centers to their destination and vice- versa. One also needs to build a good rapport with the educational institutes, families, and passengers. A vet gets an annual salary of $4100 to $9500 on a particular route.
  3. Cleaning Supervisor – The person will work with the management for developing, implementing and maintaining various procedures, policies, guidance, and training. This will help to employ best practices in customer service, security, and cleaning. One should have strong communication skills and able to communicate effectively with all the levels within the company; possess interpersonal skills, able to solve all issues by taking the initiative. He should know about computers and have excellent time management as well as organizational skills. The salary is competitive, and it is negotiable.
  4. Casual Fire Fighting Instructor – This is one of the best overseas jobs for veterans.  The instructor will assist in delivering top quality courses to offshore and Maritime industries. He needs to follow the rules and regulations of the company and carry out duties like the demonstration of exercises all the times following the global procedures. One should ensure the safety, health, and welfare of the students and staff concerning the guidelines. There should be a rendering of first aid when necessary. There should be an assessment for a group of students or individuals by the instructor for checking their performance. Other administrative duties need to complete when assigned by the management.

Other additional duties include providing action plans and report card to the sponsors and students so that everyone gets to understand their role. He also needs to maintain the equipment according to the given guidelines. For enhancing the learning experience for students, the instructors need to innovate and apply creative methods so that the students can undertake all sorts of challenges. One needs to provide feedback to the line managers about the performance of the students and other staff members. Ensure to maintain the fitness and health levels for carrying out all types of activities.


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